Why I teach physics

Why Physics? A question people usually ask me, even my students! I usually tell them that physics is life but they do not believe me! Well to tell you the truth, physics is more than measurements, complex derivations and calculations. It is the way our world actually works. In other words, physics is everything! Still do not believe me?

Now, let me show you some amazing examples:

The morning sunshine which has travelled a gigantic distance in the form of electromagnetic waves to kiss you with morning greetings!

In the kitchen, you will hear the whistle of the kettle indicating that the water has reached its boiling point and ready to dissolve your chocolate for a mouth-watering drink!

Toasting your bread and putting butter and some honey gives you a sweet & tasty breakfast pack. Everything that you see, hear or feel are actually very basic physical phenomena!

Oh, is it cold for a walk outside? Your favorite fur jacket can trap the heat that your body's radiating to keep you warm. And during summer, wearing white or any light color shirts give you
a cooling effect!

Eating delicious ice cream on a sunny day is really refreshing, right? But lick as fast as you can before radiation totally melts your yummy dessert!

Cleaning time? Do not try to move or push any big furniture. You will just get tired! Blame friction. But thanks for inventing wheels, rearranging furniture at home becomes easier and faster! But remember, we cannot eliminate friction totally – without it, walking would be very impossible for us!

A century ago, people were just staring at birds flying gracefully through the air. But now we can fly higher than birds! A big bird-like structure with engines can carry not one but hundreds of people at a time. Thanks to the Bernoulli's Principle!

What comes first? Is it the lighting or the thunder? Try to watch the fireworks: Have you noticed the flashes of lights before you hear them? Yes, exactly! Light travels faster than the sound, which is why you will only notice a jet once it has already passed by you!

Still asking why I love to teach Physics? The answer is right here. And that is, physics is life itself – it’s everything!

This post was written by Monica Paragas from the Philippines

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