Bhautiki (hindi word for physics) is an independently run e-magazine from New Delhi, India. We are in operation simply because it is our goal to develop scientific thinking in the young generation of this country and even beyond, to free people from superstition and myth, and to make physics simple and fun for everyone.

This is why we request those already in the field of physics to write for Bhautiki and upload their thoughts. We believe that "when one teaches, two learn." With the help of monthly Bhautiki we are not only going to teach physics but also try to engage our readers through quizzes, pictures and contests. See past winners.

Our e-magazine has various features and you can check them out here. The main mission, besides developing scientific temper, is to also develop a habit of reading, at least once in a month, in a digital age. Our science articles and stories are not boring, in fact, they are greatly detailed, historical, philosophical and even comical in nature, something for everyone.